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How to Create a Personalized Yoga Routine for Your Needs

Personalized Yoga Routine

Yoga is not a new practice, but it has advanced significantly on many levels. Joining a class most often feels like you are behind everyone, even if the class is for beginners. Or maybe you are an advanced-level yogi, but there is too much to juggle, and by the time you can manage your yoga routine, all studios are off. 

So, the solution to your problems is to create your personalized yoga routine. As you read on, you will find out different ways to set up a proper routine.

Besides, do you have all the necessary accessories, yoga props, and space for it? Let’s dive in to know the answer to all of it. 

Ways to create your own yoga plan

Ways to Create Your Own Custom Yoga Plan

While planning to work on a personalized yoga routine seems easy, you still need to learn a lot before you apply it: here are some of the yoga routine tips for you to begin and stick to.

  • Know Your Purpose

Understand why you wish to change your habit or your life in general. Consider the conventional New Year’s resolution. This is a very artificial time to execute change. You can also select the beginning of a month or a week if you require the same amount of energy. But why not start on Friday?

However, time is important if you’re not clear why you want to change. There are rational decisions that are motivated by a desire to accomplish things because they are expected of you. If that’s your motivation, you may not get very far. Instead, consider why you want to start a regular yoga practice.

Concentrate on how yoga makes you feel. It will be a lot easier if you’ve established a strong mind-body connection. Even if you’re a complete beginner, consider why you want to practice yoga frequently. Write it down and pin it next to your yoga mat. It will make everything clear.

  • Find Your Inspiration

Connect your yoga practice to something that motivates you. This will motivate you to incorporate more of the activities you enjoy into your daily or weekly practice. You can use peaceful imagery, candles, even your favorite yoga tops in Dubai, shrines, or anything else that reinforces your idea of what you want to achieve via yoga. 

A visual or aural guidance might help you retain your attention while letting go of stress. Some folks even bring crystals to lay on their mats.

  • Tailor Your Practice

The positions you choose are the foundation of your practice. Choose Asanas that are directly related to your objective. If you want to improve your balance, try stances like Tree or Warrior III. 

Are you looking for some relaxation? Poses such as Child’s Pose or Happy Baby may be ideal. Just remember to keep props like yoga blocks with you to enhance the practice. 

  • Set Aside a Yoga Space

Practicing in your own home is perhaps easier than you think. Whether you have unused space in your home, such as a guest room garage or just a corner, you can simply create a space with props like yoga wheels that will enhance your at-home yoga practice. 

Yoga studios typically allocate 21 square feet for each individual. That works out to about 4.5′ x 4.5′. Do you have more space? Any extra room is useful for further stretching or other activities. Just make sure to move any furniture or breakable items that are nearby.

  • Set Realistic Goals

Always keep your goals realistic. Too much in a day and too little in a week is not worth the time and effort. So, choosing 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or an hour a day is almost enough for many people. 

“Studies show that 10 minutes of yoga a day is more effective than 90 minutes every week,” says Evelyn. Whether you prefer to practice at home three, five, or seven days a week, the quality of your practice time is more important than the number.

Bottom Line

Finally, when you’re setting up your own space, make sure you have the right space. You can also set it up using house plants and crystals or gather the proper props. In the end, all you need is the best yoga activewear in Dubai

Just start it today, and don’t wait for the new year. Today, Monday, Friday, or any day can mark the beginning of your new and healthy journey. For the right yoga clothes, get your hands on the Made by Tory collection now. 

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