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Unlock The Secret To A Fulfilling Yoga Experience With Our Best Yoga Mat

The mat you stand on during each yoga practice is your movement’s foundation. You deserve to maintain a solid and confident stance without any worries about slipping, even during intense and sweaty yoga sessions. Meticulously manufactured to encompass robustness, comfort, and style, our enchanting collection of yoga mats will soon be your new favorite. They are exclusively designed to accompany you on your way to self-discovery.

Whether you are interested in purchasing yoga mats in bulk for your gym or yoga studio or looking for the best yoga mat for personal use, we offer a vast assortment of stellar quality yoga mats at affordable prices. From kid-friendly and thick and large yoga mats to travel and eco-friendly yoga mats, our products assist our customers of all sizes, ages, and ability levels to enjoy an effective, comfortable, and safe yoga workout.

At Made by Tory, we offer yoga mats in various designs and colors so that you can express your personality and generate an inspiring space for your workout. From vibrant patterns to soothing colors, you will find a mat at our store that resonates with your distinctive style. Whether you prefer a serene ocean blue or an invigorating mandala design, discover a design and shade that speaks to your soul and brings you ecstasy.

Acquire Different Types Of Yoga Mats At Made by Tory

We realize that every yogi has different preferences pertaining to their practice. Thus, we provide a comprehensive range of the best yoga mat to cater to your particular requirements. Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or a newbie, we have an impeccable mat to support you on your journey. 

Here are a few of the many types of yoga mats in Dubai that we offer:

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Our eco-friendly mats are made from sustainable materials for folks who firmly believe in the harmony between the environment and yoga. These mats empower you to work out mindfully and provide a soft and supportive surface, connecting you deeply with the ground underneath you.

Travel Mats

Stay committed to your yoga routine even when you are traveling. Our travel mats are compact, lightweight, and effortlessly foldable. They are designed to fit easily into a suitcase or bag, so they are an ideal partner for yogis who love exploring new horizons.

Premium Yoga Mats

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with our premium yoga mats. These mats are made to perfection and provide unmatched grip and cushioning. They offer the finest foundation for experienced practitioners to unleash their full potential and explore their practice’s depths.  

Accomplish Mind-Body Harmony With Our Yoga Mats Made Of The Highest Quality Materials

At Made by Tory, we believe in the materials’ transformative power. We curate superior-quality materials that harmonize with your practice and inspire a deeper connection with your inner self. We offer cork yoga mats, TPE yoga mats, natural rubber yoga mats, jute yoga mats, etc. Our Cork yoga mat collection is a go-to option renowned for its antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties. They are made from 100% cork, complemented by a rubber anti-slip base.

Our mats offer a springy and soft surface, guaranteeing optimal comfort and support throughout your yoga flows. Our non-slip collection of yoga mat hooks is also very popular among our customers, identifiable from its natural rubber and PU construction. Its natural fibers mean its non-toxic, environment-friendly, and biodegradable, along with being a tremendously heavy-duty material.

Our non-slip yoga mats offer reasonable give, providing satisfactory support during workout routines. Plus, they excellently repel dirt and sweat, ensuring a hygienic and clean practice space. Our range of best yoga mats offers extraordinary grip, cushioning, and durability. They are easier to clean and maintain, making them a favorite choice among yoga practitioners of all levels.

Our yoga mats support your movements and keep you grounded throughout your practice. Besides, our yoga mat price in Dubai is very reasonable. Depending on your needs and exercise style, they vary in thickness from 2 millimeters up to 8 millimeters. Our thicker yoga mats are ideal for restorative yoga because they provide crucial support during long-held poses. However, you can use our thinner yoga mats for balance postures where you need a stronger connection with the earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Thickness For Yoga Mats?

The finest thickness for yoga mats depends on your specific requirements and personal preferences. Usually, a mat about 4-6mm thick is considered suitable for most practitioners. Thicker mats that range from 6-8mm provide added support and cushioning, which can be advantageous for folks who prefer more padding or have joint problems. Yoga mats that are around 2-3mm thick provide a closer connection to the earth and are frequently chosen by expert yogis looking for a firm grip and stability.  

Is Foam Or Rubber Better For a Yoga Mat?

Foam mats are inexpensive, lightweight, and offer outstanding cushioning, making them perfect for newbies or those who prefer additional comfort during their yoga practice. Rubber mats provide fantastic grip, stability, and robustness, making them an ideal choice for those who prioritize a non-slip and firm surface or for more experienced yogis. They are also anti-microbe, so you can effortlessly clean them. The choice between rubber and foam depends on individual preferences regarding grip, comfort, and specific yoga practice requirements.

What To Look For When Buying A Yoga Mat?

Discover the best yoga mat with textured surfaces to guarantee a firmer grip during more strenuous poses. Thicker mats offer added cushioning and are perfect for more therapeutic practices. Individuals that enjoy restorative yoga, a style that involves fewer poses held for longer periods, might prefer a softer mat that provides more cushioning. Secondly, prices play an important role when you decide to buy a mat, so always check yoga mat prices in Dubai online before selecting the one you need.

How Many Years Does A Yoga Mat Last?

A yoga mat’s lifespan varies and does not have an exact timeline. Generally, it will last for around 12 months. However, this timeline can change depending on factors such as the mat’s quality, how often you use it, and how you take care of it.

What Is The Difference Between Yoga Mat And Gym Mat?

A gym mat is thicker and provides increased cushioning. It is highly suitable for various activities and exercises in the gym or fitness setting. On the other hand, the best cheap yoga mat is exclusively made for practicing yoga, offering balanced support and a non-slip surface.