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8 Valuable Benefits Of Cork Yoga Mats

Given our lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, stretching for a healthy life and healthy body is necessary nowadays. Especially in times like these, where digital media consumes all our energy and time, we should focus more on keeping our bodies in sync with nature’s rules. However, the comfort of yoga comes with the environment you set.

While you set all the routines, the most important part of your yoga is your yoga mat. Are you still stretching on a simple PVC roll?

If yes, then you need to switch to Cork Yoga Mat now.  As the world is becoming more sustainable, a cork yoga mat is another effort by experts.

As the cork is popular among eco-conscious individuals, there are many other benefits of it, too.

Are Cork Yoga Mats Better Than Rubber?

Both cork and rubber mats have distinct advantages, and the best option for you will be determined by your personal preferences and the type of yoga you practice. Cork mats are often antimicrobial and nonslip, whilst rubber mats provide good traction and cushioning. If you sweat a lot or do hot yoga, a cork mat may be preferable due to its non-slip properties while wet. Other experts, however, say that a rubber yoga mat is preferred for most people since it provides more grip and padding than a cork yoga mat.

Some may say that cork yoga mats are superior to rubber yoga mats because they have many advantages. Cork mats are environmentally friendly and naturally antimicrobial. They also offer excellent cushioning and are both sturdy and long-lasting. On the other hand, rubber mats are made of latex, which some individuals are allergic to. They are also more prone to wear and damage and may require replacement within a few years.

Are Cork Yoga Mats Slippery?

Suberin, a natural waxy component found in cork, aids in the prevention of slipping and sliding. However, some users have observed that cork mats can be slippery when dry. This is because cork mats have a smoother surface than rubber mats and may require some moisture to activate their non-slip qualities.

Some ideas for maximizing the grip of a cork mat include sprinkling some water on the mat before usage, avoiding the use of oils or lotions on the mat, and keeping the mat clean.

Where Does Cork Come From?

Cork is a lightweight yet extremely long-lasting substance derived from the outer bark of cork oak trees. The Mediterranean and northwest Africa are home to this medium-sized evergreen oak tree. Its bark is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the earth and has been utilized for thousands of years in a variety of applications. Instead of felling an entire tree for timber, cork trees can be harvested and regrow every 8 to 14 years.

Cork is most typically found in the yoga field in the form of cork yoga mats, cork blocks, and even cork yoga studio floors. Cork yoga props can be made without the use of toxic chemicals due to their naturally rot-resistant and antimicrobial qualities. In addition, cork is fully biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable.

Cork Yoga Mat

Top 8 Advantages Of Cork Yoga Mats

Cork is the best material for manufacturing yoga mats, in most people’s opinion. It is a non-toxic, all-natural substance with qualities that make it ideal for yoga mats and accessories. Here are some of the benefits of cork yoga mats:

  • Naturally Antimicrobial And Does Not Require Frequent Washing

Due to the waxy component called Suberin that fills its cells, cork is an antimicrobial material. Although cork appears spongy, its waxy interior structure makes it water-repellent. Water damage frequently allows germs and mold to infiltrate a material, while cork keeps water and microbes out of its cells.

This means your yoga mat will not develop undesirable odors and will not need to be washed after each use. Some people believe that yoga mats do not need to be washed at all, but others believe that if the mat becomes soiled, a moist cloth or a natural spray should be used to clean it.

  • Sweat Grip

Nothing saps your energy or focus like having to constantly re-adjust your position on the mat due to slippage. Cork works exactly the opposite of a synthetic yoga mat, which loses its grip when wet, which may be dangerous and uncomfortable.

Sweating causes a waxy substance known as Suberin to be released, making the cork grippier. Maintaining your footing so you may concentrate on your practice.

  • Support And Stability

Even the thinnest cork yoga mats will provide adequate support, stability, and comfort throughout a workout. Because cork is a very absorbent material, it will take the brunt of the impact as you release it from your grasp before swiftly reverting to its original shape. Cork yoga mats are ideal for hot yoga sessions. Cork creates a natural waxy substance when exposed to moisture. As you move, this material keeps you in contact with the mat. This saves you from having to buy yoga towels and blankets.

  • Eco-Friendly And Sustainable: 

Cork is natural, raw, completely biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. Cork trees are the only trees in the world that regrow stripped bark, and the tree is not cut down, so it regenerates new bark for additional yoga mats.

  • Velvety Soft

Corks are incredibly soft to the touch and feel wonderful on naked skin. It has a smooth, velvety texture (not sticky or scratchy) and is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. Despite its softness, cork is a robust material that can withstand repeated, demanding use.

  • Ideal Cushioning 

Due to their cellular structure and open-celled nature, cork, and natural tree, rubber are two materials that provide excellent cushioning. Cork’s cellular structure has millions of cells that store small bubbles of air, making it nice and soft on your hands and feet.

The open-celled natural tree rubber also adds to the cushioning effect by absorbing impact force, decreasing strain on your body, and minimizing the unavoidable impact on the ground.

  • Impressive Anti-Bacterial Properties

If you’ve ever had a PVC yoga mat, you know how important it is to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. Cork is commonly considered a self-cleaning material since the waxy substance it emits repels dust and dirt. This same substance inhibits the growth of bacteria, so you won’t have to struggle with unattractive stains and odors. Cork is a great substance for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • Tough And Long-lasting

When you’ve found the right mat, you want to retain it for as long as possible. Because cоrk уоgа mаt is a naturally durable substance made from the bark of the tree, it has a very long life.

It is tough, and ready to join your yoga sessions for many years. If you’ve had it for a while, you can revive its appearance and feel by sanding it.

  • Cork Is Lightweight

We all appreciate a lovely, sturdy mat, but when it comes to transporting it to and from the yoga studio, we all prefer a lightweight mat. The finest of both worlds is combined in a cork yoga mat.

Cork is a solid and robust material that is clear to the touch and, after a few yoga postures, on a cork mat. A cork yoga mat also has the advantage of being lightweight. These mats are much lighter than standard rubber yoga mats. Cork mats are thus ideal travel companions, whether you’re flying around the world or biking around town.

Cork Yoga Mat Pros And Cons

Cork yoga mats have grown in popularity due to their eco-friendliness, non-slip surface, and durability. However, several drawbacks exist before opting for a cork yoga mat. Based on the search results, here are the benefits and drawbacks of yoga mats:


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable material.
  • Naturally antimicrobial, which means it resists germs and odors.
  • Excellent grip, especially when wet.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides great cushioning for knees, hands, and shoulders.
  • Cork is flexible and soft to the touch.
  • Cork is bound to catch everyone’s eye.


  • Typically heavier than rubber mats.
  • Can be more expensive.
  • May feel firmer underfoot.
  • May crack when folded.
  • Not very portable.
  • May not stay rolled up on its own.

Bottom Line

Cork yoga mats are not only kind to you and the earth, but they also enhance your practice. They feel soft, cushiony, and grippy on your hands, and the cork material feels natural and “down to earth” while simultaneously supporting your balance and joints.

The best cork yoga mats offered by Made by Tory are made in such a way that they are light and portable. It is an amazing yoga mat for yoga practitioners, from cleaning to carrying. This travel-friendly yoga mat is ideal for anyone who enjoys traveling. So, if you are looking for high-quality  Yoga Mats, we have a wide range.

Just order, and we are all set to deliver.

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