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Best Travel Yoga Mat for On-the-Go Fitness

best travel yoga mats

While you are on the go, it is hard to find a fitness routine. Especially if you spend most of your time in meetings or on the road. However, instead of falling into unhealthy patterns, finding some discipline and making your time useful for a short yoga session is better. 

You might not have access to a gym, classes, or studio, but you can still create surroundings that help you exercise. All you need is the best travel yoga mat; everything will fall into place. 

Need to know more? Let us help you!

History of Yoga and its Benefits

Yoga originated 5000 years ago. The original purpose of yoga was to awaken spiritual development in individuals and bring their bodies closer to nature. Nowadays, people are greatly following this ritual as a fitness routine. 

Multiple places hold beginner and advanced classes. It is an excellent daily source of stress management. Physical and mental health strengthens, breathing improves, and one becomes more self-aware.  

Health Benefits of Yoga

As we look into the scientific evidence, a lot of them back up the health benefits of yoga, such as: 

  • It is safe and more effective. It increases physical activity by increasing body flexibility and strengthening the mind.
  • If your body aches and pains, it can give you some relief, including lower back pain. 
  • Yoga can also be a source of energy and make your mood better. 
  • It is the source of stress management in this robotic lifestyle. 
  • It relaxes your mind, leading to a better sleep cycle. 

How Do You Practice Yoga When You are Traveling?

Staying in the hotel only for some time and then back on the road can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. But once you are a yogi and understand fitness, it is not what you want. 

  • Bring the Mat

You need a Best Travel Yoga mat to be your companion on the journey. So, shop the one by considering the best features of any travel yoga mat. Just Pick the Perfect Yoga Mat for Your Trip from any reputable store.

  • Designate Time

Manage time even if it is only 10-15 minutes in a day. You can adjust it after getting up or before sleeping. Or if you are taking a short break somewhere, designate 5-10 minutes there.

  • Find Balance

Even in the smallest spaces (like in a middle seat), you may cross your knees, grab the opposite armrest, and twist. It is not necessary to do difficult poses. Deeply inhale, allowing yourself to sink further into the position. Don’t forget to do the opposite side.

  • Create Intention

If everything is hard, you can still manage a time of 10 minutes to sit up, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. It will help you create an intention for the rest of the day and relax your mind for a future trip. 

  • Choose Outdoors if Possible

If you are on a hiking trip, find a corner, place your mat, and enjoy nature while doing some simple positions of Yoga. Moreover, if you are staying in a hotel and your room or even the hotel has a balcony or terrace, you can also do a short session there. 

  • Use Props from the Surroundings

When you practice yoga in unusual places, you have to be creative with your surroundings. A mat will be enough; for the rest of the accessories or yoga gear, you use rolled-up towels as a block replacement. 

  • Find Like-Minded People

In the end, you can also look for other yogis on your trip and plan your session together. Same-minded people will also bring some of their own ideas. So, it makes it easy to grab a short break in the middle of the trip if most people are interested. 

  • Don’t Be Shy

The beauty of travel is that you never know who you’ll meet; for example, a yoga teacher may give a group class at your hostel. Someone else may have an acquaintance in another city who can host you and introduce you to another teacher, studio, or somewhere to stay – or even get you a job for a while.

Talking to others, practicing with others, and maintaining an open mind will help you learn more about yourself and your practice.

travel yoga mat

How to Choose a Travel Yoga Mat

If you have to take the yoga mat on your travel journey, it has to be easy to carry around. Moreover, it should be grippy, lightweight, and portable enough to fit in small places in your luggage suitcases. 

As for the material of Yoga mats, PVC is the most in demand because of its grip. However, some yogis also prefer natural rubber because of the cushioning and easy cleaning (you might consider it a plus as you are on a trip).

Though most yoga mats are at least three millimeters thick, anything smaller is better for folding, rolling, and fitting into travel bags. 

You should also consider your total weight: Most options weigh between two and seven pounds, while an ideal travel mat weighs between two and four pounds. 

This is a minimalist choice, but it may not be the best one for everyone. Some yogis like thicker mats with more cushioning because they have sensitive knees or joint pain. 

Strap bands are another feature that can make your mat portable. They keep it folded or rolled up during a journey, eliminating the need to carry heavy mats.

Best Travel Yoga Mat From Made By Tory

If you don’t know where to turn to shop for your travel yoga mat, Made By Tory is your ideal choice. The collection is not only cool but quite functional. Pick the perfect yoga mat for your trip from the list below:

Ever wished for a yoga mat that effortlessly fits your on-the-go lifestyle? Introducing the Travel Yoga Mat ‘Abstract’ – designed with the modern yogi in mind. Are you ready to experience the perfect blend of portability and performance?

Crafted for the wanderlust yogi, this mat boasts a feather-light 1.0 mm thickness and a mere 0.9 kg weight, making it an ideal travel companion. Its ultra-absorbent suede top and natural rubber base ensure a non-slip surface, providing enhanced grip with every pose, especially when the sweat starts flowing.

Packed with durability, our travel mat is designed to withstand repeated use and packing. Say goodbye to bulk and hello to the Travel Yoga Mat ‘Abstract’ – where convenience meets exceptional performance on every journey.”

Embark on your yogic journeys with the Travel Yoga Mat SPLASH 1 mm – the ultimate companion for the wandering yogi. Crafted with the traveling yogi in mind, this mat combines lightweight portability with premium features. 

Weighing just 0.9 kg and boasting a slim 1.0 mm thickness, it effortlessly fits into your luggage or backpack. The mat’s ultra-absorbent suede top and natural rubber base provide a perfect blend of comfort and durability, ensuring it can withstand repeated use. 

Designed with a non-slip surface, the more you sweat, the better the grip – keeping you grounded in your practice. Elevate your travel yoga experience with the “SPLASH” – where convenience meets uncompromised quality.

The Travel Yoga Mat Charm 1 mm is your perfect companion. Designed with the utmost consideration for travel convenience, this mat is foldable, fitting seamlessly into your luggage or backpack. The set includes a dedicated travel bag for added portability.

Crafted with precision, the mat boasts a mere 1.0 mm thickness, striking the ideal balance between comfort and compactness. Its dimensions of 183* 68 cm provide ample space for a comfortable practice session.

Durability is at the core of our design. The Travel Yoga Mat “CHARM” is not only resilient against repeated use but also easy to care for. It can be machine-washed at 20-30 degrees on a delicate light cycle, making maintenance a breeze! Invest in a travel yoga mat that embodies portability, performance, and longevity.

The Travel Yoga Mat ‘SOFT’ 1 mm is crafted for yogis on the go. This mat is designed to be lightweight, foldable, and easily transportable with its included travel bag. With a slim 1.0 mm thickness and a weight of just 0.9 kg, it’s the perfect fit for your luggage or backpack. 

The mat features an ultra-absorbent suede top paired with a natural rubber base, providing a non-slip surface for a secure practice. For added convenience, it can be machine-washed at 20-30 degrees on a delicate-light cycle. 

Embrace comfort and portability with our Travel Yoga Mat Soft 1mm, ensuring your practice stays with you wherever your journey takes you.

Bottom Line

So, keep all the tips in mind, and you can pick the perfect yoga mat for your trip from the Made By Tory collection. They are high in quality, and each mat serves a purpose.  Choose the one that fits your needs and make your session more elegant and relaxing with easy and simple poses. While on the go, do not forget to manage time for your fitness practices, as they can also make your journey stress-free. 

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