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Best-Selling Travel Yoga Mats – Lightweight and Portable

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Traveling has become a norm. With a remote work environment, many people like to work from amazing places. However, regardless of the purpose of traveling, you might not want to go for a day without yoga. Therefore, bringing along the yoga mat is also necessary. 

The only thing that is important for you is to carry a yoga mat with you. In a hotel or on a hill, you can manage some time to practice yoga. This is the way to keep your body in sync and maintain the much-needed balance. 

In this article, we will talk about the factors to consider when choosing the best travel yoga mat and the top-quality ones you can get from Made By Tory.

How to Choose a Travel Yoga Mat?

A quality yoga mat is crucial no matter where you practice. Working on a rug, slippery towel, or overly soft gym cushion can lead to injury and frustration. Most studios and gyms provide mats for public use, but having your own can be a more sanitary option.

While there are various varieties available, the vast majority of yoga mats are suitable for all styles of yoga. Often, your choice will be based on personal preference. Understanding the distinctions, however, will assist you in selecting a mat that meets your specific requirements.

  • Material Matters

The material of a portable yoga mat is an important consideration. Different materials impact not only how the mat feels and performs but also the environment. 

For example, while PVC mats are robust and provide excellent support, they are not biodegradable. Natural rubber mats, on the other hand, give a good grip and are environmentally sustainable, although they can be heavier and have a distinct odor.

The thickness and density of the material can have a significant impact on how comfortable the mat is. A mat that is too thin may not provide enough padding for delicate joints, whereas a mat that is too thick might be difficult to transport and may impact stability during poses.

  • Budget 

Yoga mats range in price from $20 to $200, and in my opinion, you’ll get the best value for your money and a high-quality mat somewhere in the middle. With Made by Tory, you may pay anywhere from $100 to $150 for a yoga mat and expect it to be of high quality, durable, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

  • Eco-Friendliness

As yogis, we value the concept of ahimsa or nonviolence. That makes practicing on a yoga mat that will eventually clog a landfill for decades to come difficult.

If environmental responsibility is important to you, avoid yoga mats manufactured of PVC (the typical sticky mat), which does not degrade in landfills and is difficult and expensive to recycle. Rubber, jute, and cotton yoga mats, while available in various thicknesses, are often thicker and slicker than PVC mats. 

You can obtain an eco-friendly yoga mat with a thickness that suits your comfort and portability requirements, as well as a texture that resists slipping (such as a raised geometric pattern).

  • Yoga Mat Thickness and Weight

Yoga mats range from ultra-thin and compact travel types weighing under 2 pounds to comfortable quarter-inch beasts weighing up to 7 pounds.

If you’re unsure where to begin, Made by Tory offers a variety of lightweight yoga mats. 

These mats are ideal for people with a strong, flowing practice. They provide strong contact with the floor, promoting stability in a variety of poses. They are also less prone to catch and interfere with your flow from pose to posture than thicker mats. 

Best Travel Yoga Mats from Made by Tory

4 Best Travel Yoga Mats from Made by Tory 

Some of the best and most lightweight travel options from Made By Tory are readily available for you to explore and carry together on your way. 

  • Travel Yoga Mat Splash 1 mm

A travel yoga mat, such as the Travel Yoga Mat Splash 1 mm, is a thin and lightweight mat that is ideal for travel or those looking for a more portable option. They are often composed of PVC or TPE and measure less than 5mm thick. This is one of the most colorful options and provides an excellent method to enjoy your greatest yoga session. 

  • Travel Yoga Mat Charm 1 mm

Made By Tory’s Travel Yoga Mat Charm 1 mm is simple and lightweight. Simple hues yet a delightful treat for yogis who enjoy traveling. You can practice routine yoga anywhere, including the mountains, deserts, and beaches. The thickness is reasonable enough to help you carry to easily and also practice without any hassle. 

  • Travel Yoga Mat Soft 1 mm

This Travel Yoga Mat Soft 1 mm is simple but smooth and fresh in its own way. Standing on it feels relaxing to the eyes. It has a natural rubber base and an ultra-absorbent suede top. In terms of grip, this mat offers a nonslip surface that will help you maintain your balance. 

  • Travel Yoga Mat Abstract 1 mm

Travel Yoga Mat “ABSTRACT,” your perfect companion for yogis on the move. Crafted with lightweight and foldable design, this mat ensures easy portability without compromising on performance. Comes with a convenient travel bag, it’s ready to accompany you on your journeys. Made from ultra-absorbent suede top and natural rubber base, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability. 

With a thickness of 1.0 mm and weighing just 0.9 kg, it’s compact yet resilient, designed to withstand repeated use and washing. Enhance your practice wherever you go with the Travel Yoga Mat “ABSTRACT.”

  • Travel Yoga Mat Stellar 1 mm

The Travel Yoga Mat Stellar 1 mm is designed specifically for yogis on the go. With a thickness of 1.0 mm and weighing just 0.9 kg, it’s incredibly lightweight and portable, making it perfect for travel. Its dimensions of 183*68 cm provide ample space for your practice, while the ultra-absorbent suede top and natural rubber base ensure stability and comfort wherever your journey takes you. 

Movement requires stillness. So, even when you’re on the move, it’s beneficial to take a break and slow down a little to maintain your body stress-free.  

Bottom Line 

So, when choosing the best travel yoga mat, you must consider all the factors mentioned in the article above. If you understand it well, it will be easy for you to choose a lightweight travel yoga mat. For the best ones in your collection, Made By Tory has all the best you need. Shop to get it now. 

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