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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Microfiber Natural Rubber Yoga Mat: Features and Benefits

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When it comes to yoga practices, the most important thing you need is a yoga mat. Slipping and sliding are not only distracting but also unsafe for your daily yoga routine. The only concern is that you need to focus on the mat’s material. 

It is important to consider the thickness and design of the mat, and the one material that is the choice of many yogis is the microfiber natural rubber yoga mat. Choose the one that suits your needs. In this article, we will talk about why material is an essential factor and how microfiber natural rubber yoga mat is beneficial for you. 

Why is the Material of a Yoga Mat Important?

You are practicing yoga because you want to improve your overall health, so just know that a bad-quality yoga mat can hinder your progress. Therefore, know the major benefits of using the right material for a yoga mat.

  • Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are the main priorities for any yoga mat. You need a mat with better cushioning to protect your joints during practice. It also has to be thick enough to support properly, or it might cause a problem balancing during yoga poses. 

A mat with thick material and a good grip will help you maintain balance even in advanced-level poses. 

  • Durability

A high-quality mat will always be durable and will last longer, giving you more chances to enjoy your intense yoga sessions. Durable materials such as natural rubber, cork, and jute not only endure longer but also provide a sustainable option for environmentally conscious yogis.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Today, people are quite conscious of an eco-friendly environment. Therefore, they need yoga mats made from renewable resources. These mats are not only safe for the environment but also, most often, provide better support. 

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Benefits and Features of Microfiber Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 

Microfiber natural rubber is sourced from tree rubber and is one of the most sustainable choices for the environment. This natural rubber mat is most often combined with other materials for extra grip, and the microfiber is one of the most in demand. 

Our eco-friendly microfibre yoga mats are designed with your practice and the environment in mind. They feature a patented anti-slip coating to ensure stability during even the most challenging poses. The surface is crafted from premium microfiber made from recycled PET bottles, coupled with a base of natural rubber, offering unparalleled support and durability. 

The best thing about mats made with natural rubber is that they always sit flat on the floor- there are no more rolled ends.

Unique among its peers, this mat is exceptionally easy to care for. When it becomes dirty, it can be conveniently cleaned in the washing machine at 30 degrees. To maintain its shape, quality, and vibrant colors, we recommend hanging it to dry. Please note that tumble drying is not advised to preserve its exceptional features for years to come.

  • Non-Toxic Materials:

The microfiber natural rubber yoga mat is non-toxic, as it is purely made from microfiber and natural rubber for a sustainable finish. The surface of microfiber gives you the utmost comfort and ease because it is chemical-free, making it a healthier choice. 

  • Non-Slip Surface: 

Another benefit of the natural rubber material of the yoga mat is that it gives you the best and most firm grip. So, no more slipping and sliding during intense yoga poses. You get the stability and can maintain the balance, avoiding physical harm. 

  • Soft and Absorbent Microfiber Top Layer: 

The top layer is made of microfiber, and it provides the best comfort along with its non-abrasive texture, giving ease to the hands and feet. Moreover, it is a moisture-wicking material that helps absorb sweat. 

  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean: 

The other good aspect of these mats is that they are the easiest to clean. Besides, they are quite resistant to bacterial growth as they don’t hold moisture. You can wipe them down easily or clean them thoroughly; it is up to you. 

  • Durable Construction: 

These mats last long and are designed for daily use even more than traditional yoga mats. The mat’s sturdiness comes from the finest combination of natural rubber and microfiber. So, it is a valuable investment in its own way. 

  • Extra Cushioning: 

The natural rubber with microfiber provides extra grip and better cushioning for ultimate support during your sessions. It is specially designed for people with joint issues. By providing extra padding in the mat, they can save themselves from injury. 

  • Odor-Free: 

These mats are moisture-wicking and odor-free because they do not harbor bacteria. So, if you have a strong sense of smell and it irritates you, this is the mat for you to choose. 

  • Suitable for Hot Yoga: 

Microfiber natural rubber yoga mats are non-slip and moisture-wicking, making them ideal for high-intensity exercises like hot yoga, where perspiration can be an issue.

How Do You Keep Yoga Mats Dry and Clean?

It is always better to clean your hands and feet before you start the practice. So, when you come in contact with the yoga mat, you will feel free to start neat, and the mat will last longer – increasing its lifespan and also preventing some harmful bacteria that might transfer from dirt. 

However, whenever you have to clean the yoga mat, soak it in water with a small amount of detergent or soap. This will help eliminate dirt or grease on it. The easy way is to add 2 drops of detergent to water and pour it into the spray bottle. Then, take the dry cloth and clean the mat while spraying the soap and water from the bottle. 

If the yoga mat is already soiled, gently brush it with a laundry detergent-soaked cloth and rinse it with clean water. Then, roll it up with a dry towel to absorb any excess moisture. Yoga mats should be dried in a cool, dark location and not exposed to direct sunshine. Otherwise, the material will age more quickly.

Bottom line

So, when you’re choosing the yoga mat, the microfiber natural rubber yoga mat is the one that is most suitable for everyone. Yes, you might need to consider the poses you practice. 

However, as you look for a good collection of microfiber yoga mats, we at Made by Tory have some of the best designs to offer. They are made by keeping all your needs in mind. So, shop and enjoy the session. 

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