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The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Mat Care and Maintenance

yoga mat care

As a yogi, you are probably aware of the significance of a yoga mat. However, your yoga mat might have to go through a lot. The sweaty, intense sessions and many other rigorous yoga practices. 

It can get dirty and may also absorb bacteria, which are harmful to your health. Therefore, it is important to know the methods and ways to keep your yoga mat clean and in good condition. Want to know more about yoga mat care

Let’s dive straight into the ways to clean yoga mats. 

How to Care for a Yoga Mat?

To keep dirt and bacteria at bay, you must not only wipe off your yoga mat but also understand how to clean it. Our yoga mats and microfiber mats can be washed in the washing machine at 20- max 30 degrees at a delicate-light cycle. Always hang it on the line to dry, so the shape, quality, and colors stay for a long time. Do not tumble dry!!!

Generally, wash the mat only if absolutely necessary. When it got really dirty.

  • Clean your mat every 5 to 10 usage, and spot clean as needed.
  • Do not clean or soak your mat. (depending on the mat type)
  • Wipe with a moist cloth and an oil-free water solution (a 1:20 dilution ratio is recommended).
  • Do not put cleanser or water solution directly on the mat. (read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully)
  • Hang and air dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not roll in the other way from the PU side (non-slipping area).
  • To avoid scratches on the surface, avoid wearing jewelry while practicing yoga or exercising.
  • Don’t fold your mat. 

Steps to Clean Your Yoga Mat by Hand at Home:

Do you wonder how to care for your yoga mat? If you wish to keep the cleaning process simple and by hand, here are the steps to follow:

  • Shake your mat out and lay it flat.
  • Apply a light dish spray to your mat and firmly scrub both sides with a microfiber cloth. Remember not to scrub too hastily so that the mat retains its sticky texture.
  • To make a cleaning solution, dissolve a laundry detergent in warm water. Wipe off the suede yoga mat with a microfiber or dishcloth to remove any body oils or dirt that remains.
  • Allow the mat to air dry. 

Tips and Guidelines for the Yoga Mat Cleaning Process

When cleaning, make sure to follow the instructions for each cleaning chemical. The techniques are not always the same. It is critical for every cleaning, regardless of the cleaning product used to clean the yoga mat.

  • Never fold up a moist, wet mat.
  • We always make sure the mat is thoroughly dry.
  • Roll the mat with the outside side facing out (the mat’s surface is visible when rolled).
  • Avoid drying the mat near a radiator or another direct heat source.
  • Avoid hanging the mat directly in the sun, and do not expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Use delicate, gentle cloths to rub the carpet rather than hard brushes.
  • Natural rubber mats may have a small rubber odor (which fades with time).
  • Rubber mats, especially natural rubber, can “oxidize” with time and develop colored patches on its surface. 

yoga mats

Deep Cleaning Your Yoga Mat 

If you want a deep cleaning of your yoga mat, it might take some extra effort. Here is one method for you. 

Things you need to Deep Clean a Yoga Mat:

  • A bathtub or huge basin with lukewarm water.
  • Mild, environmentally friendly detergent or dish soap. 

Steps to Deep Clean a Yoga Mat:

  • Fill the bathtub or sink with tepid water and a tiny bit of your favorite cork yoga mat cleaning product.
  • Soak your yoga mat in soapy water and gently scrub it with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Put your yoga mat in soapy water. To evenly disperse the soap in the water, gently stir it with your hands.
  • Allow your mat to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. As your mat is being cleaned, take some peaceful time to meditate or journal. 
  • After soaking, use a soft sponge or towel to gently scrub both sides of the mat. Pay extra attention to extremely unclean places.
  • Drain the soapy water, then thoroughly clean your mat with warm water. Make sure to remove all soap residues since these might make your mat slippery. 
  • Raisin the extra water off your yoga mat by holding it up.
  • After spreading out your yoga mat on a dry towel, roll the mat and towel together. This will aid in absorbing more water from the mat.
  • Your mat should ideally hang as you unroll it and let it air dry. Keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading and the material from drying. 

How to Dry and Store Your Yoga Mat?

Make sure your yoga mat is completely dry before storing it. A warm, damp mat can be a breeding ground for bacteria. To dry completely, place your mat over the back of a chair or porch railing. Avoid putting your microfiber natural rubber yoga mat in the dryer. 

Once the mat has dried, roll it tightly and store it somewhere with enough airflow. Regularly air out your yoga mat every few weeks, even during periods of non-use, to allow air to flow.

If your mat starts peeling or parts of it stick to your training clothes, it’s time to replace it.

Bottom Line 

You probably have enough on the yoga mat maintenance techniques. However, remember that mats are of different materials, therefore, you might need to follow specific instructions. It is always better to follow the guidelines of your yoga brand. 

For example, at Made By Tory, you can find the cleaning guidelines within the package. So, buy the best of one and never mess up on cleaning them.

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